Sadness and disappointment are healthy (and helpful) emotions. However, no one needs to suffer from emotional exhaustion, brain fog, thoughts of despair, feelings of inadequacy, helplessness and unlovability. Using a holistic and evidence-based lens, we will help you set realistic goals to enhance wellbeing while offering solutions to increase motivation, self-worth and a renewed sense of purpose. 

We offer customized approaches to treating depression that include: Identifying and resolving lifestyle factors, disordered thought patterns and harmful behaviors that contribute to depression while simultaneously learning healthy coping strategies. We are trained in evidence-based treatment methods such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)mindfulness meditationArt Therapy and other cutting-edge integrative modalities to support you. 


Sessions are 45-50 minutes in length and take place once a weekly basis. The initial session is a biopychosocial interview to gather information on how we can best support you. From there, sessions will be focused on your needs and goals. We offer a free phone consultation and accept some insurance.

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"From our first phone conversation a year ago, it was very clear that Emily was kind, patient, understanding, and genuinely eager to help. Since then, our weekly sessions have become my solid ground during an extremely tumultuous year. Emily is the first therapist I've found who is truly committed to understanding me. She is 100% judgement free, and approaches my anxiety and depression with the utmost compassion. In each session, we discuss new skills to help manage my emotions -- something that I've never practiced with another therapist before. Emily continues to give me the confidence to feel openly and be kind to myself in the process."

31, Female Client


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