Out-of-network Insurances (billed directly on your behalf):

  • Aetna/ Aetna Student Health

  • Cigna

  • United

  • Optum

  • Oxford

Out-of-network Insurance cost:

  • Sliding Scale $135-$175 per session until you meet your deductible

  • After you meet your deductible, $40-$75 per session (based on your benefits)

Private Pay costs:

  • $150 per 45-minute session with Donna, Alex, Robyn & Abby

  • $200 per 45-minute session minute session with Emily


How many sessions will it take to meet my deductible?

  • 0-50 sessions based on the size of your deductible. We can check this for you.

Do you accept Health / Flex Savings & Spending Accounts?

  • Yes! Most HSA’s accepted!

Do you accept credit cards?

  • Yes! All major credit & debit cards accepted!

Why should I consider working with an out of network provider?

It can be difficult to find a therapist who accepts insurance in-network. Here are the benefits of working with out-of network therapists (like us):

1. You’re looking for a therapist with a unique skill set
2. You want highly personalized services
3. You don’t want to wait to start therapy
4. You found a great match with an out-of-network therapist

Do I have to Submit receipts for insurance reimbursements?

No! We take care of this for you if you have out of network benefits!

"I’d like to say with great confidence that Emily is one of the best Art Therapists and clinicians that I’ve ever seen." 

-Michelle Jung, M.D., Board Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist