Licensed Psychotherapist / Art Therapist & Advanced Reiki Practitioner


Robyn is a Licensed, Registered & Nationally Board Certified Art Therapist and Advanced Reiki Practitioner.

She received a B.A. from The College of Santa Fe in Psychology and Creative Arts Therapy and a Master's degree from Pratt Institute in Creative Arts Therapy and Creativity Development.

Robyn recently completed a week-long intensive training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) with Lane Pederson, Psy.D and receives ongoing DBT-informed mentoring within the practice. For over a decade, Robyn has worked with adults and adolescents coping with Anxiety, ADHD/ADD, Depression, PTSD, and relationship issues. She also has experience working with the unique needs of LGBTQIA clients who are going through the coming out process or dealing with the familial and cultural pressures of silence. 

Through her unique training and experience, she incorporates her understanding of the energetic body with the creative process to encourage the innate wisdom and wholeness of each unique client.

Robyn promotes an embodied self- awareness approach through the use of guided visualization, grounding exercises, non judgmental empathic listening, evidence-based coping skills and art making. Robyn helps clients express, contain and accept the richness and texture of feeling states and gently challenges habitual thoughts and  beliefs that may inhibit joy, relatedness, and growth.