If you’ve experienced a traumatic event, you’ve already made a courageous step in the right direction just by being here and visiting this website. At Davenport Creative Arts Therapy, we use a whole body approach to treat trauma.

We honor that everyone responds uniquely to trauma and know that many people who seek help may not fully understand what’s happened. Cognitively, they know that ‘it’s not their fault’- but they experience a feeling- a felt sense, that maybe it IS their fault. They may question if they ‘deserved it’ or ‘could have done something’ to prevent it. These are common thoughts and feelings in the wake of trauma-even years afterwards. It’s very ‘normal’ to have an immediate or delayed response to trauma with cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioral symptoms.

As trauma-informed providers, we treat acute, chronic and complex trauma and support individuals struggling with symptoms stemming from; Domestic Violence, Emotional Abuse, Rape, Immigration Related Trauma, LGBTQ+ related trauma and survivors of childhood physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

At Davenport Creative Arts Therapy, we treat Trauma holistically. We infuse breathing techniques, guided imagery, and meditation with Art Therapy and evidence-based talk therapies such as DBT Skills and CBT to help you regain inner safety and connection. We will help you create new avenues to regain inner-calm, understanding, acceptance and resilience.

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